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  • Georgina Mirica

    “I consider this course as a life changing experience. There were a lot of “WOW” moments and I also felt emotional watching the transformation the patients experienced in Ash’s presentations. Ash is not only one of the top dentists in cosmetic dentistry in the UK, but also a wonderful human being. He is genuinely interested in improving his patients’ smiles and lives and he has no limits in sharing everything he knows, good and bad experiences. Ash also has this gift to inspire and to encourage everyone telling us we can do it. Words are not enough to describe the level of excellence!.”

    Georgina Mirica

  • Laura Horton

    “Ash is a wonderfully talented dentist who can create beautiful smiles. For many years I have seen first hand how he has changed his patients’ lives with the new smiles created for them.  Ash deserves special recognition as he has invested years of time and money to become a talented dentist… Ash is my dentist and he has provided me with a Smile Makeover”

    Laura Horton
    Patient & CEO of Laura Horton Consulting


    "...Ash gave me the opportunity to have a unique experience not only from a clinical point of view, but regarding the whole ethos of dentistry and the work/life balance... It has been, without a doubt, the best learning experience of my entire life. Life changing and totally inspirational!”

    Melanie Edwards


    “I have known Ash as a friend and colleague for the past 15 years. He is a superb, caring clinician who delivers excellent dentistry. Not only does he have the patients’ total interest at heart, Ash has this overwhelming urge to share his skill and talents with his fellow professionals. He is recognised as both a teacher and mentor to many dentists. His understanding of the patients’ requirements is brilliant.”

    Rob Storrar
    CEO and owner of Amdecc Dental Laboratory

  • Gill Haskell

     “It is a privilege to know Ash and it has been an honour to welcome him into our practices, to train and inspire our team and our patients - he touches the lives of all he meets and really makes a difference"

    Gill Haskell, Principal
    Dentist at Tutbury Dental

  • Nash Patel

    “Occlusion is a complicated, fascinating subject and I believe that Ash’s methods are very simple and very easy to understand. Ash delivers his speeches in a very uncomplicated manner… His courses are amazing and I would recommend them to everyone.”

    Nash Patel
    Dentist and Owner of Pennypot Dental Chain of Practices

  • Daniele Montagliani

    “Ash is an incredible person and a very good, skilled dentist. His way of teaching is unique and simple at the same time. I have learnt so much to help me become a better dentist. I feel more confident, and this is priceless. I have done so many courses, but this one has been really the most amazing course I have been on. I can’t thank Ash and his fantastic staff enough.”

    Daniele Montagliani

  • Chetan Mathias

    “Ash you have been a brilliant teacher. I have been to numerous lectures but this stands out as being the best. It not only improved my skills in cosmetic dentistry but in a holistic approach for the entire dentition.”

    Chetan Mathias

  • Vivek Chadha

     "I have a surgical training background principally in the field of Periodontics and Oral surgery and had not done many cases or understood many concepts of a Smile Makeover, apart from the surgical management of soft tissues to prepare for restorations. I had minimum in-depth knowledge of occlusion, and the comprehensive assessment that is required to undertake complex and highly demanding “smile design” cases. Ash is such a down to earth person, cool headed, knowledgeable, spiritual and an excellent teacher. During the course he has taught us and given us exhaustive information about patient management, communication skills, team building tips, business and marketing tips and the use of some of the best materials available in the market today; and not the least, how to help and change patients lives dramatically by giving them confident smiles." 

    Vivek Chadha

  • Swapnil Shinde

    "Ash is truly inspirational! The course was very useful and informative demystifying many concepts of Smile Design and occlusion. Ash is very approachable and is good at simplifying complex procedures. Ash is very passionate and has a great understanding of communication, occlusion and Smile Design. He was very supportive and provided excellent clinical assistance during the entire course. I have learnt a lot of new skills and have been introduced to the concept of complete dentistry, rather than looking at and treating a single tooth. Ash is one of the best teachers I have ever had."

    Swapnil Shinde

  • Sanuka Muthukumar

     “Ash is simply the BEST mentor for dentistry and life itself!! I loved his lectures on occlusion and treating a full mouth wear case. I also found the Hands On part really good and learnt so much! The two folders I received are excellent and I will study and review them again to gain more from them. I would definitely recommend this Course!”

    Sanuka Muthukumar

  • Manish Chitnis

     “I am writing to tell you how pleased, excited and happy we (me and Shilpa) are after doing the 8 days "Smile Design by Ash" course. This was probably one of the best-organised course I have attended in last 16 years. A 7-star experience truly.... Ash and his staff were not only helpful but went out of their way to create an absolutely comfortable journey for us in the last 6 months. This was a hands on course which included smile design, occlusion study and management, photography, resin fibre dentistry - just to name a few. My favourite lectures were on leadership, team building, the comprehensive dental assessment and marketing." 

    Manish Chitnis

  • Mehreen Mehdi

     “All of the knowledge and skills gained from the Smile Design Course with Ash have proven to be so valuable in my everyday dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. I am confident and look forward to now take on challenging cases! I particularly enjoyed Ash’s lectures on selling and marketing. This Course was excellent! ” 

    Mehreen Mehdi

  • John Gall

     “I would recommend Ash’s Course to any individual who wishes to reach the heights in 21st century dentistry. This was an excellent Course and all the lectures were relevant and beautifully presented.” 

    John Gall

  • Donna Mills

     “Since being on the course with Ash I have seen my existing patients in a new light. He has brought my dentistry back to life and made me enjoy going to work as well as setting goals in my personal life. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!” 

    Donna Mills

  • Pete Ilott

     “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ash. His support in the case selection, planning and then actual treatment from ‘preparations’ to ‘fitting’ has been invaluable.”

    Pete Ilott

  • Joanna Jordan

     “This course has massively improved my confidence in undertaking more advanced restorative work, with lots of helpful hints and tips for all areas of dentistry.” 

    Joanna Jordan

  • Venay Verma

     “Thank you Ash! I’m lucky to have had experienced such an amazing course so early on in my career. You’re not only an amazing and talented dentist, but inspirational. I feel that from this course my confidence in treating complex cases has increased immensely. I can’t wait to make more life changing smiles. Thank you for everything.” 

    Venay Verma

  • Geoff Askins

     “I would like to thank the inspirational Ash on a wonderfully organised course that will change the way I work. You have given me the confidence to take on cases I would never have touched in the past. You have also inspired me to make major changes to my practice to improve my life balance. Cheers mate; you are a credit to our profession.” 

    Geoff Askins

  • Adam Stevenson

     “Ash’s attention to detail is exceptional. He has such an eye for aesthetics and creates the most beautiful smiles imaginable. As a leader he instills great confidence and has left a lasting influence on my approach to dentistry. Above all he energises everybody around him.” 

    Adam Stevenson

  • Julian Chan

    "This was an absolutely brilliant course. Ash is enlightening, inspiring and empowering. I was really impressed with the nice and friendly staff."

    Julian Chan

  • Anita Patel

    "I am so glad that I got the opportunity to come on this course. Everything I learnt from Ash and the whole team at Smile Design By Ash is so valuable. It did not feel like a course! It had no boring parts at all. Ash always keeps our mind stimulated. It felt like a day out in a relaxed environment where we all got together and learnt from the lectures, hands on, each other and from what we observed of the team and hospitality at Smile Design By Ash. I would definitely recommend this course – it’s one of those courses that any dentist wishing to excel in cosmetic dentistry cannot afford to miss!"

    Anita Patel

  • Nishan Soomessur

    "Ash is so approachable. He and his organization are a great inspiration for all dentists but especially me as a young dentist. He has shown me the type of high end, skilled, ethical dentistry that I should aspire to do. You can see such great passion not only from Ash but also from every single staff member, which is such an amazing feat to achieve…beautiful smiles from a beautiful practice."

    Nishan Soomessur

  • Kunal Pareek

    "The course exceeded my expectations by a mile. The hands-on part has been a really fantastic experience and has changed my outlook going ahead in my career. The feeling of achievement and fulfillment was second to none. I enjoyed using the best dental materials, the laser and T Scan."

    Kunal Pareek

  • Sania Jamshed

    "After the first day of the course, my whole demeanor towards the patient, DCPS and dentistry in general changed. Every one noticed the “new” enthusiasm I came back with. By day 6, I was confident about taking on complex cases because I knew how to present, sell and then deliver. My nervousness disappeared with Ash’s reassuring words ringing in my head all the time. I developed a “I can” attitude very quickly and surprised myself of how positive I felt about myself. I started giving Sania the value she deserves. No thank yous will be enough. But “thank you Ash”!"

    Sania Jamshed

  • Nilesh Deshpande

    "Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. Your attention to detail will stay with me for the rest of my working life. It’s a journey I will remember for my whole life. Thank you for making me a better dentist. "

    Nilesh Deshpande

  • Sujay Shah

    "The Smile Design, Occlusion and Restorative Course by Ash has quite simply blown my mind. It has shown me a whole new world of excellence in dentistry. The course is so well structured and filled with priceless knowledge that Ash has accumulated over the years. I aspire to carry out the first class aesthetic dentistry that is instilled by Ash on this amazing course. "

    Sujay Shah

  • Ameen Moinuddeen

    "I was in a mixed practice as an Associate dentist. It has been a life changing experience for me. I was doing NHS dentistry for the last 6-7 years, and I knew that something had to change. I have learnt so much on the course, and to any dentist who is thinking of raising their level of dentistry or stepping up, this is THE course. Ash has a brilliant team who took care of all the details. We had a lovely group, and overall it has been a phenomenal course. "

    Ameen Moinuddeen

  • Christian Hoes

    "I would like to thank Ash for delivering a well-structured and organized course. The course exceeded my expectations. I was advised to do the course by my mentor Len Smart, who had done the course many years before. Ash is a friendly, approachable guy who has the knack of explaining complex things in a simple way. I had full confidence in working with Ash to achieve a great result for my patient Gareth. It’s now time for me to take on board everything that Ash has said, and run with it."

    Christian Hoes

  • Damien Korzuch

    "This was a life-changing course, which was absolutely amazing. It gave me a beautiful view of dentistry and life."

    Damien Korzuch

  • Ajay Verma

    "It’s been a great eight days of learning. This course has really improved my confidence. It was recommended to me by my brother who had already done it. The course teaches you so much stuff including clinical dentistry, how to run a practice, how to develop a great team, management and so many things about life that you don’t learn on any other course."

    Ajay Verma

  • Jo Wirdnam

    "I’ve been in practice for over 30 years now. I was stuck in a rut doing single unit dentistry. Doing this course has been really an exciting journey. Ash has got a huge amount to teach us, from clinical to management skills. I would definitely recommend this course, as it is one of the best of its type on the market."

    Jo Wirdnam

  • Raghav Ratakonda

    "I was recommended this course by a friend of mine who did it. The course was very precise, giving me a complete insight. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone, whether you are just starting or you are an established dentist."

    Raghav Ratakonda

  • Ashish Rayarel

    "I wanted to do a Hands On course. Ash’s course is absolutely fantastic. I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks, and it’s given me the final push to progress in my career. It’s been a very valuable course and I would recommend it to anyone."

    Ashish Rayarel

  • Tomas Perez Lorenzo

    “I had very high expectations before attending the 3-day Course and they have been exceeded. The confidence and skill demonstrated by Ash is amazing and contagious. This has really got me excited about dentistry that I will be providing in the future.”

    Tomas Perez Lorenzo

  • Smita Bansal

    “Brilliant course, covered all aspects of Smile Design. Learning with a live demonstration is a very effective way to learn. The course exceeded my expectations. I am very excited now to go back to work and start using my better understanding and knowledge to provide better care for my patients whilst making my work more enjoyable at the same time.”

    Smita Bansal

  • Ami Sutarwala

    “Excellent course!! I have attended a few courses on smile designing, but among them all, this was the best one! Ash is very interested in teaching, educating and less about making money – he genuinely wants to help delegates. Manish also has the same ethos and therefore this course was really enjoyable and inspiring!!”

    Ami Sutarwala

  • Beena Assraff

    “I started the course as a dentist who was not confident to think about any cosmetic treatment that was out of my comfort zone. I’m leaving the course as a confident dentist, thinking that I can do cases, which I thought I could never do. Learned a lot of new things, which I can implement on a day-to-day basis in the dental surgery.”

    Beena Assraff

  • Prashanthi Dokuru

    “It was a brilliant experience over the three days. Ash sharing his journey was very inspiring, not only as a successful dentist but as a human being. His quotes “Learn from your mistakes” and “Live a balanced life” were my favourites. He is very humble and a very good teacher. Ash is very clear what he talks about and shares his tips, which are very useful.”

    Prashanthi Dokuru

  • Nitam Narkhede

    “The course journey of just three days was really very interesting and full of learning. Dr Ash is a very knowledgeable person and he has been really kind and fantastic in sharing his knowledge, teaching us all minute details regarding Smile Design in a simple way. For me, I would say the course is a landmark in smile designing. It has thrown some light on how to “sell” the treatment, gain confidence and get started in implementing the knowledge gained. Overall a confidence boosting course changing my perspective in a positive way making me think bigger with his support system. Really would like to thank Ash for his positive boost.”

    Nitam Narkhede

  • Sheetal Kutlehria

    The three-day course was an amazing journey and great experience with regards to the world of cosmetic dentistry. The course is an eye opener especially for those who are new in this aspect of dentistry. It has definitely raised my confidence levels. The best thing that I learned in the three days from Ash was – “Don’t be afraid if things go wrong, it happens. There is always a way of dealing with the situation.”

    Sheetal Kutlehria

  • Jo Saele

    "Exceeded my expectations. I feel more competent in providing better care for my patients through the knowledge I have gained, empowering me to provide better and more predictable treatment options.”

    Jo Saele

  • Varsha Joshi

    “The best part of the course was it was “LIVE”. I could appreciate the emotion and the journey the patient was going through during the whole process. The very first hand experience of how I can be able to change someone’s life. How powerful my dentistry can become if I follow what Ash has taught. Every time I saw our patient on the course looking in the mirror even with the temporaries or final restorations, I got goose bumps. It gave me incredible confidence to start doing the same and make people happy. Thank you Manish and Ash.”

    Varsha Joshi

  • Bhavika Parekh

    "The course has gone far beyond my expectations. Initially when I joined, I was in two minds if I would be able to carry out private smile design options in the corporate environment that I work in. Dr Ash Parmar has changed my perception completely. Dr Parmar has explained the entire procedures, principles, marketing and various other aspects to the finest detail and in a simple way. I feel more confident to pursue this further and I am more motivated in getting further training. I would like to thank Ash and Manish for changing my perception and facilitating this course.”

    Bhavika Parekh

  • Rajashree Nambiar

    "Ash Parmar’s course is fantastic and the high energy that I have experienced has given me the confidence to make a start from tomorrow at least with mini makeovers."

    Rajashree Nambiar

  • Vaishali Satarekar

    "I have had very limited information about Smile Makeover before this course. But this was an eye opener. I always felt it as a complex or complicated procedure and feared to attempt it. This course has increased my confidence and my ability to take on simpler cases to start with. Ash’s words like “You have the ability to change peoples’ lives”, has really touched me, boosting my confidence.”

    Vaishali Satarekar

  • Shrikant Kulkarni

    "Ash you have delivered far more than possible in the 3-day course in your own style – informative, practical, inspiring and equally entertaining at the same time. I have enjoyed the different approach for dentistry. Ash’s teaching was certainly a big boost to make the change of direction towards a much more rewarding and satisfying dental practice.”

    Shrikant Kulkarni

  • Sukal Verma

    "Very good and extensive course which takes you for a complete journey from start to finish. Ash is meticulous and I highly recommend this course.”

    Sukal Verma

  • Ketan Panwalkar

    "The course has been a great help in understanding the principles of porcelain veneers. It was also great that the course was on a weekend and did not take up a workday.”

    Ketan Panwalkar

  • Shilpa Chitnis

    "Ash’s teaching has inspired me to come out of my comfort zone. I am keen to try my hands on Smile Design cases now. Ash’s passion for the subject is contagious."

    Shilpa Chitnis

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