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Aesthetic, Restorative and Occlusion

8-Day Hands On Course

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Some of the key areas Ash will cover include: -

  • Vision, Goals, Leadership, Team Building and how to run a successful cosmetic, private dental practice.
  • How to carry out the most comprehensive dental assessment in the UK, and treatment plan to a very high standard.
  • The A-Z of doing a Smile Makeover (8-10 units of porcelain restorations), and learning how to treat a wear case.
  • The complex subject of occlusion simplified.
  • Confidently treat patients needing advanced restorative and cosmetic procedures.
  • Photography - understand camera equipment and how to take accurate photographs.
  • How to work within the remit of the NHS and strategically target more private treatment.
  • How to market your practice for effective results.
  • Fibres and composite - innovative treatment solutions.
  • Laser dentistry - offer your patients the ultimate results.

    Use the best dental materials, equipment and technology. Experience the creation of outstanding results for your patients. Six dentists treat a patient Hands On, with full treatment planning (8-10 units of porcelain work). Up to five dentists can attend as an Observer, experience the whole course and watch six Smile Makeover cases being treated live from start to finish. All dentists will receive two training folders with full colour presentations. Dentists will also be given many of Ash’s important clinical assessment and consent documents.

Day 1: The most important day…

  • Leadership, Vision & Goal setting, creating the practice of your dreams
  • The importance of developing systems
  • The Art of Communication
  • Understanding the different personality types
  • How to sell ethically in a non-pressurised, high integrity way
  • How to achieve 90% case acceptance when presenting larger treatment plans
  • The Ultimate New Patient Experience
  • The Diagnostic Dialogue – 8 powerful questions to ask your patients
  • The importance of a Treatment Coordinator
  • Use of PowerPoint to present treatment plans
  • How to motivate and inspire your Team


Day 2: The Comprehensive Dental Assessment

  • Learn one of the most comprehensive dental assessments in the UK
  • Understand how Ash does his unique 2-hour dental examination using a 25-page document
  • Patients will build up trust and confidence in you as a dentist
  • Accurate diagnosis & precise treatment planning
  • Learn about occlusion, muscles of mastication and TMJ evaluation
  • Smile Analysis – a detailed checklist of analysing a smile
  • Demonstrations on taking an accurate silicone impression
  • 3D scans with Trios (3 Shape) digital scanner
  • Bite registration records in centric occlusion (CO) and centric relation (CR)
  • Facebow records with Denar and Kois Facial Analyser
  • Stick Bite record
  • Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)
  • T Scan – use of the best occlusion checking software in the world
  • Making an NTI deprogramming device (useful to deprogramme muscles before taking a CR record)
  • How to do mock ups with composite to show the patient how the smile will look
  • Use of Smile Imaging software to do cosmetic imaging
  • Photography and video use in cosmetic dentistry/communication
  • BONUS: You will receive the exact documents that Ash uses in his practice for you to use immediately in your practice!


Day 3: Smile Makeover lectures

  • Smile Analysis – the art of assessing a person’s smile in detail
  • Preparation techniques – which burs and materials to use. Learn the best preparation techniques in the world to achieve precise and minimally invasive tooth preparations
  • Creating a trial smile – use of Luxatemp to make amazing looking temporaries
  • Laboratory Communication – important things to identify and document at the review appointment to ensure the best aesthetic results
  • Cementation – how to precisely fit 8-10 porcelain restorations under rubber dam, in a stress- free manner
  • Smile Questionnaires – develop a system to increase your turnover by 20% immediately!
  • Clinical tips and gems – become a better dentist by implementing the best of Ash’s tips


Day 4: Occlusion & Wear lectures, Fibres & Lasers, Treatment Planning

  • Comprehensive training in occlusion for easy, medium and difficult clinical cases
  • How to treat a full mouth wear case in centric relation (opening up the vertical dimension) with confidence (step-by-step process)
  • Articulators & Facebows – different types, how and when to use them
  • T Scan – learn about and use one of the best occlusion software systems in the world
  • Lasers in dentistry – gingival contouring (soft tissue laser) and improving gummy smiles with osseous bone recontouring (hard tissue laser)
  • Fibres and composites – innovative, minimally invasive treatment solutions in general practice
  • Review of clinical cases to be treated on the Course – treatment planning in detail, with the ceramist technician’s input


Days 5 & 6: Hands On - six dentists to do a Smile Makeover case on their patients

  • Six dentists have the opportunity to treat a patient that has been approved by Ash, i.e. 8-10 units of porcelain restorations
  • Use the best dental materials, burs, instruments, lasers, digital scanners, T Scan, etc
  • Implement the theory, and “anchor in” the skills by doing a clinical case
  • Build up your confidence under Ash’s expert supervision and guidance
  • Create the best-looking temporaries you have ever made
  • Change your patient’s life by giving them the best smile possible to suit their face
  • Trial Smile Review – learn about this important appointment to achieve accuracy & precision regarding laboratory communication
  • Photography lecture – learn all the technical details and theory to become great at clinical photography
  • Breakout sessions on photography, interaction with the Treatment Coordinator, role playing and improving your verbal skills


Days 7 & 8: Hands On – Fitting your case

  • Fitting of the porcelain restorations using the best materials and techniques
  • The best isolation technique in the world using rubber dam
  • Ensuring precise occlusion of the final result using T Scan
  • Marketing your practice – how to attract the right type of patients
  • Achieving a Balanced Life – the most important lecture as a finale…

  • Nash
    “Occlusion is a complicated, fascinating subject and I believe that Ash’s methods are very simple and very easy to understand. Ash delivers his speeches in an uncomplicated manner... His courses are amazing and I would recommend them to everyone.”

    (Owner of Pennypot Dental Chain of Practices)

    “I have known Ash as a friend and colleague for the past 15 years. He is a superb, caring clinician who delivers excellent dentistry. Not only does he have the patients’ total interest at heart, Ash has this overwhelming urge to share his skill and talents with his fellow professionals. He is recognised as both a teacher and mentor to many dentists. His understanding of the patients’ requirements is brilliant.”

    (CEO and owner of Amdecc Dental Laboratory)

    “I am writing to tell you how pleased, excited and happy we (me and Shilpa) are after doing the 8 days "Smile Design by Ash" course. This was probably one of the best-organised course I have attended in last 16 years. A 7-star experience truly.... Ash and his staff were not only helpful but went out of their way to create an absolutely comfortable journey for us in the last 6 months. This was a hands on course which included smile design, occlusion study and management, photography, resin fibre dentistry - just to name a few. My favourite lectures were on leadership, team building, the comprehensive dental assessment and marketing."

    Manish Chitnis

    Dentist Case Studies

    Ash has had the privilege of changing the lives of so many dentists and patients. Have a look at the cases treated by dentists over the years on Ash’s signature 8-Day Hands On Course.

    Interview - Dr. Ashish B Parmar & Rob StorrarInterview - Dr. Ashish B Parmar & Rob Storrar

    Interview - Dr. Ashish B Parmar & Rob Storrar

    Dr. Ashish B Parmar & Rob Storrar share their amazing journey as dentists.

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    Enjoy YOUR Journey To Ultimate Success

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