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Smile Makeover Live Masterclass

3 Day Course

A unique 3-day “master class” demonstration by Ash Parmar who will treat a patient live and deliver a 8-10 unit porcelain restorations case in only 3 days! Up to 25 dentists will have the opportunity to learn via a high definition camera recording close up images of the mouth as Ash works in the patient’s mouth live.

The course will be supported with many lectures and demonstrations. It is relevant for any dentist that wants to do more private dentistry, and have comprehensive training in cosmetic dentistry & occlusion. The emphasis will be on minimally invasive treatment solutions.


  • 1 Georgina Mirica
    “I consider this course as a life changing experience. There were a lot of “WOW” moments and I also felt emotional watching the transformation the patients experienced in Ash’s presentations. Ash is not only one of the top dentists in cosmetic dentistry in the UK, but also a wonderful human being. He is genuinely interested in improving his patients’ smiles and lives and he has no limits in sharing everything he knows, good and bad experiences. Ash also has this gift to inspire and to encourage everyone telling us we can do it. Words are not enough to describe the level of excellence!.”

    Georgina Mirica - DENTIST

  • 2 Tomas Perez Lorenzo
    “I had very high expectations before attending the 3-day Course and they have been exceeded. The confidence and skill demonstrated by Ash is amazing and contagious. This has really got me excited about dentistry that I will be providing in the future.”

    Tomas Perez Lorenzo - DENTIST

  • 3 Priya Prathaban
    “This course has been an eye opener for me to the “World of Cosmetic Dentistry.” I have learnt to think beyond the NHS box and offer more options to my patients, the confidence for which I did not have before. I took up the course because Manish recommended it, but the inspiration and confidence I have got from it are unbelievable. The course has opened up an entire realm of dentistry, which I desire to improve upon.”

    Priya Prathaban - DENTIST

  • 4 Smita Bansal
    “Brilliant course, covered all aspects of Smile Design. Learning with a live demonstration is a very effective way to learn. The course exceeded my expectations. I am very excited now to go back to work and start using my better understanding and knowledge to provide better care for my patients whilst making my work more enjoyable at the same time.”

    Smita Bansal - DENTIST

  • 5 Ami Sutarwala
    “Excellent course!! I have attended a few courses on smile designing, but among them all, this was the best one! Ash is very interested in teaching, educating and less about making money – he genuinely wants to help delegates. Manish also has the same ethos and therefore this course was really enjoyable and inspiring!!”

    Ami Sutarwala - DENTIST

  • 6 Beena Assraff
    “I started the course as a dentist who was not confident to think about any cosmetic treatment that was out of my comfort zone. I’m leaving the course as a confident dentist, thinking that I can do cases, which I thought I could never do. Learned a lot of new things, which I can implement on a day-to-day basis in the dental surgery.”

    Beena Assraff - DENTIST

  • 7 Prashanthi Dokuru
    “It was a brilliant experience over the three days. Ash sharing his journey was very inspiring, not only as a successful dentist but as a human being. His quotes “Learn from your mistakes” and “Live a balanced life” were my favourites. He is very humble and a very good teacher. Ash is very clear what he talks about and shares his tips, which are very useful.”

    Prashanthi Dokuru - DENTIST

  • 8 Nitam Narkhede
    “The course journey of just three days was really very interesting and full of learning. Dr Ash is a very knowledgeable person and he has been really kind and fantastic in sharing his knowledge, teaching us all minute details regarding Smile Design in a simple way. For me, I would say the course is a landmark in smile designing. It has thrown some light on how to “sell” the treatment, gain confidence and get started in implementing the knowledge gained. Overall a confidence boosting course changing my perspective in a positive way making me think bigger with his support system. Really would like to thank Ash for his positive boost.”

    Nitam Narkhede - DENTIST

  • 9 Sheetal Kutlehria
    "The three-day course was an amazing journey and great experience with regards to the world of cosmetic dentistry. The course is an eye opener especially for those who are new in this aspect of dentistry. It has definitely raised my confidence levels. The best thing that I learned in the three days from Ash was – “Don’t be afraid if things go wrong, it happens. There is always a way of dealing with the situation.”

    Sheetal Kutlehria - DENTIST

  • 10 Jo Saele
    "Exceeded my expectations. I feel more competent in providing better care for my patients through the knowledge I have gained, empowering me to provide better and more predictable treatment options.”

    Jo Saele - DENTIST

  • 11 Varsha Joshi
    “The best part of the course was it was “LIVE”. I could appreciate the emotion and the journey the patient was going through during the whole process. The very first hand experience of how I can be able to change someone’s life. How powerful my dentistry can become if I follow what Ash has taught. Every time I saw our patient on the course looking in the mirror even with the temporaries or final restorations, I got goose bumps. It gave me incredible confidence to start doing the same and make people happy. Thank you Manish and Ash.”


  • 12 Bhavika Parekh
    "The course has gone far beyond my expectations. Initially when I joined, I was in two minds if I would be able to carry out private smile design options in the corporate environment that I work in. Dr Ash Parmar has changed my perception completely. Dr Parmar has explained the entire procedures, principles, marketing and various other aspects to the finest detail and in a simple way. I feel more confident to pursue this further and I am more motivated in getting further training. I would like to thank Ash and Manish for changing my perception and facilitating this course.”

    Bhavika Parekh - DENTIST

  • 13 Rajashree Nambiar
    "Ash Parmar’s course is fantastic and the high energy that I have experienced has given me the confidence to make a start from tomorrow at least with mini makeovers.”

    Rajashree Nambiar - DENTIST

  • 14 Vaishali Satarekar
    "I have had very limited information about Smile Makeover before this course. But this was an eye opener. I always felt it as a complex or complicated procedure and feared to attempt it. This course has increased my confidence and my ability to take on simpler cases to start with. Ash’s words like “You have the ability to change peoples’ lives”, has really touched me, boosting my confidence.”

    Vaishali Satarekar - DENTIST

  • 15 Shrikant Kulkarni
    "Ash you have delivered far more than possible in the 3-day course in your own style – informative, practical, inspiring and equally entertaining at the same time. I have enjoyed the different approach for dentistry. Ash’s teaching was certainly a big boost to make the change of direction towards a much more rewarding and satisfying dental practice.”

    Shrikant Kulkarni - DENTIST

  • 16 Sukal Verma
    "Very good and extensive course which takes you for a complete journey from start to finish. Ash is meticulous and I highly recommend this course.”

    Sukal Verma - DENTIST

  • 17 Ketan Panwalkar
    "The course has been a great help in understanding the principles of porcelain veneers. It was also great that the course was on a weekend and did not take up a workday.”

    Ketan Panwalkar - DENTIST

  • 18 Shilpa Chitnis
    "Ash’s teaching has inspired me to come out of my comfort zone. I am keen to try my hands on Smile Design cases now. Ash’s passion for the subject is contagious.”

    Shilpa Chitnis - DENTIST

  • 19 Meghna Pareek
    "An amazing professional development weekend, all thanks to Ash Parmar and organized by Team Dental Concepts. Ash – your constant encouragement and delivery of your immense knowledge in the last three days has geared me up to go on this new dental treatments “roller coaster” ride, with its ups and downs, and mainly the thrill associated with it, which I am sure will always give me the adrenaline rush to do even more!!”

    Meghna Pareek - DENTIST

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the key ways to develop yourself to change from doing more NHS to private dentistry.
    • Witness a full Smile Makeover case being treated including the technical planning, smile analysis, preparation of the teeth, clinical records, creation of the trial smile, review of the patient the following day, shade selection and fitting of the porcelain restorations.
    • Practical demonstrations on accurate impression taking, bite registration (CO and CR), facebow records (Kois facial analyzer and Denar), and “stick bite” record.
    • Discover the ideal ways to communicate with the dental technician, and learn from an experienced ceramist technician.
    • Lectures on Smile Design preparation techniques, trial smile creation, and cementation of 8-10 porcelain restorations under rubber dam.
    • Detailed overview of minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry options including cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening, composite dentistry, fibres in conjunction with composites, “short term orthodontics”, and porcelain veneers.
    • A review of about 20 Smile Makeover clinical cases treated by Ash and tips on how to choose the right patients in your practice.
    • Demonstrations on cosmetic contouring (a great way to make a good smile become a great one), as well as mock ups with B1 or BL composite. Mock ups are the best way of communicating and showing a new outcome for your patients.
    • Learn how to manage your diary (block booking), how much time to allow for clinical procedures, and plan for fees to be charged (factoring laboratory costs as well).
    • Top tips in occlusion – easy to understand ideas to ensure your patients have more comfortable, longer lasting restorations.
    • Introduction and demonstration using T Scan – one of the best occlusion checking software systems in the world.
    • Learn how to take digital impressions using Trios (3 Shape) digital scanner
    • Learning from Ash’s failures – what not to do, and who not to treat.
    • Bringing it all together – creating a balanced life, doing the type of dentistry you want, and becoming the best you can be.

    Changing People's Lives & Making Them Smile

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