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Achieving Success In Private Dentistry

Course Summary

An inspirational unique one day course that addresses many of the challenges currently experienced by dentists. Learn many strategies on how to successfully develop your private practice.

This Course is ideal for: -

  • A young dentist (or dental student) who wants to build a successful career in private dentistry.
  • A dentist who may want to explore other options and move away from the NHS system.
  • An experienced dentist who wants to move to the next level.

A step-by-step guide to achieve ultimate success as a private dentist

  • Create your Vision and Goals for an exciting and rewarding career
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with patients - understand different personalities
  • Benefits of a Comprehensive Dental Assessment & Ideal Treatment Planning
  • Ethical, non-pressurized communication skills for high case acceptance
  • Designing an effective diary system to carry out more private work
  • Clinical ‘Tips and Gems’ gathered from decades of training and experience
  • Teeth whitening systems – how to get successful results
  • Cosmetic contouring – how to re-shape teeth for a great smile 
  • Fibres & composite – multiple clinical applications (minimally invasive dentistry)
  • Composite veneers – how to do them, and which composites & instruments to use
  • Porcelain veneers & Smile Makeover cases – multiple cases to show comprehensive dentistry
  • Implants in general practice – the scope of implant care in private practice
  • Wear cases – an insight into HOW to manage and treat a wear case
  • Photography and PowerPoint use for effective communication with patients
  • The ideal New Patient Journey.


  • Mel
    "...Ash gave me the opportunity to have a unique experience not only from a clinical point of view, but regarding the whole ethos of dentistry and the work/life balance... It has been, without a doubt, the best learning experience of my entire life. Life changing and totally inspirational!”


Opening Doors And Creating Opportunities

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