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Raising The Bar In Dentistry

About Ash

Ash qualified as a dentist at Guy’s Hospital in 1991. He then successfully ran three dental practices in partnership for many years. Over two decades, Ash has undertaken extensive training and has been inspired and personally taught by many “masters” of dentistry and leading dental institutions including: -

  • Larry Rosenthal (cosmetic dentistry)
  • Frank Spears & David Hornbrook (restorative dentistry and occlusion)
  • Hilt Tatum & Straumann (implants)
  • Bill Blatchford (dental coach)
  • Cathy Jameson (practice management)
  • Greg Lutke (photography)
  • Sirona, Hoya ConBio and Elexxion (soft and hard tissue laser dentistry)
  • Sticktech (fibre-reinforced composite dentistry)
  • Newton Fahl, Didier Dietschi, Lorenzo Vanini, and GC Courses (composite artistry)

In summary, Ash has worked extremely hard and made a financial investment of over £250k for his own dental training and professional mentoring. He shares the most valuable nuggets from all the courses he has attended in his own inspirational, succinct and dynamic courses. His training saves dentists valuable time and financial resources for a fast-track career progress. His teaching helps dentists master ethical, non-pressurised communication techniques for high case acceptance. This allows them to feel confident and to treat medium/complex cases. Above all, Ash has the unique ability to help a dentist understand how to be a successful private dentist, enjoy an enhanced work/life balance and run a profitable dental practice.

"Live The Moment"


Ash believes in having a balanced life, spending important time with his family. His wife Jyoti supports him as a dentist, and they have two children. Ash’s father Bhikhu is also instrumental in guiding and supporting Ash both at work and personally. Enjoying success is to enrich a personal and professional life. Ash actively supports a charity in India – Food for Life Vrindavan. Going to the gym, swimming, playing golf, travelling, spiritual development and listening to relaxing Vedic music are pastimes that Ash cherishes. Ash’s favorite saying is: “Live the moment”.



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